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fredag den 10. juni 2022

The Topography of Tears


I was carefully caressing old papers

The kinds we treasure

Hidden in a wooden box, tobacco, from when smoking was still a rite of passage

Slips, notes, cuttings, beauties of visceral import

At the time, and now.

Amongst them a photocopy, the cover of a book I never managed to own

‘The Topography of Tears’ RL Fisher

The paper, velvet from my hands

unfolding it, smoothing, shedding tears on it, coffee. Re-folded. 

A ritual of sorts 

Under a microscope, in my tears, I am sure you will find crisp palaces.

Lake District mountains, deep Swiss lakes, filigree Norfolk river runs

If my life was depicted in tears

would you see icy oceans?

Or the lukewarm duckpond Kristine weed in when she was three?


Tears. Single drops or

cascades running off the Jostedal Glacier? Peeled onion 

ugly-crying? That perfect laughter tear?

Mine are smoke sodden, from the burning of heathers on high up moors. 

Tears long, black. The 80ies mascara kind. Visible


Dirty plaits braiding, hungry for reshaping. Seas digging into lands, my

boundaries fluid  

Does the sea cry too? The eaten land, does it bay? Like I do, for you?

Do tears tear up?

The possibility of tears’ tears, breaks me and all I can think of

is you

Your last tears, what did they show?

How can I know when I didn’t make it to catch

your last breath, your final tear

I would have let it run on 

to my finger, tasted it. 

Maybe bottled it. Saving the contours of its landscapes for later, 

maybe never in

fear of craggity sharp, vile Sauron landscapes

 I cry for you, we all do. The glaciers, the seas, lands, me. All the cries.  

Salty flakes in burial crowns and serenades


I fold. In all the ways a woman can. Fold that velvet page too

Topography of Tears, back in the smokebox


Read more about Rose-Lynn Fisher here: Rose-Lynn Fisher

This poem was finished with the support from https://londonwriterssalon.com/ where I have been turning up at 8AM most days the last months.

fredag den 27. maj 2022

How to Hug a Hedgehog Hugger

Some days are just too hard for the Hedgehog Hugger
It is not a thankless task but it is unrelenting
Sometimes hugging is easier than being hugged
Sometimes even a hedgehog hugger needs hugging and he/she/it might not BE an actual hedgehog, but they don't half know how to spot and sport a hizzy. After all
They have learnt from the best.


Dear hedgehog

If your designated Hedgehugger is having a moment, here's a top ten of what might brighten her/his/its day:

10. Chocolate... It is a good starting point

9.   Coffee, tea, hot chocolate any kind of hot beverage. But NOT when they asked for it. It is the unexpected hot drink that warms the heart the most

8. New garden gloves for their Hedgehuggery, splash out. Get the good ones, add daisies

7. Let them sleep. Just for an extra hour

6. Eat the fucking dinner. If you don't like it, feed it to the dog/throw out of window/hide it

5. Invite their best friend over, then go to sleep so they have time alone

4. Take your tantrums to town for a day. Literally. Talk to a friend, have a day with someone else. If you can't move, arrange for a day out for the Hedgehugger s/he/it might need space. Not a universe. Just a bit. Few hours or days. We promise not to board rockets or aerospace programs in general. (Unless they ask nicely, I mean. If they literally did get the chance to go to space, you wouldn't stop them, would you?)

3. Hug them. Any way you can. Hard, gentle, a lot, a little, front/side/back no matter. Just give her/him/it a hug

2. Say Thank You. Even if you at that point are very hedgehog 🦔. Especially if you're hedgehog. Just do it. Show gratitude.

1. Say I love you 

#cancersucks but #loverocks

onsdag den 27. april 2022

How to Hug a Hedgehog

How to Hug a Hedgehog in Ten Easy Steps


1. First of all, are you totally sure the hedgehog WANTS a hug. One should always check. Boundaries and all that.

2. Sometimes even if a hedgehog says 'Fuck Off I hate you', that really means: 'Yes please, bring it in.' So you have to make sure whether what is said and what is meant ... you know, aligns.

3. Let us just say, for the sake of argument, that a given hedgehog DOES actually need a hug, even if it says it doesn't want it. What do we do then? Well, start humming. The good notes, deep ones. Heart notes. While you do this, put on garden leather gloves, boiler suit and that winter coat that is completely knackered, but you have kept because you love it so much.

4. Presuming Hedgehog is now relatively quiet, because of all the humming, yet not exactly calm, so still spikey. Lie down next to it and form a semi-circle. Not a full one, you don't want it to feel trapped. No one likes that.

5. Keep humming and wait. Think happy thoughts like: 'I just love the hedgehog hugs. They are special. I can feel the critter of little feet on my body as s/he runs the length of me and I love it'... things like that. Manifestations. But don't also think: 'Hurry up HH haven't got all day.' Keep it positive.

6. A grumpy hedgehog at this point might spike you. Just a little. Roll up and 'accidentally' bump into you. Just to check whether you mean it. Are you REALLY a hedgehog hugger? This is where the coat, boiler suit and reinforced gloves are handy.

7. Stay put. Hedgehogs might be highly strung, but they are inherently loving creatures. Also, they get tired quickly, so our Hedgehog will eventually run out of steam and lower its/his/her spikes. Unfurl. probably quite close to you, because, as we established, this Hedgehog both needs and secretly wants a hug.

8. Keep humming

9. Slowly take off gloves and gently stroke Hedgehog behind the ears and down the spine. If it/s/he spikes up, don’t fret. Return to step 3 ff. Patience is a virtue. However, if Hedgehog is ok with the idea of hugging at this point, s/he/it will now move closer to you. Find a nook and settle in.

10. Now you can safely fold around Hedgehog and breathe. Try not to move too much though. As I said, Hedgehogs are highly strung (and stung ;) ). ENJOY

And there we have it. A recipe for hugging the seemingly unhuggable.


lørdag den 2. april 2022

'Seachanger - Wave Weaver’ exhibition, Ilkley Library, West Yorkshire

 A picture containing person, indoor, wall

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Photo: S.I.Witt

Ilkley Library presents: 

'Seachanger - Wave Weaver’ exhibition 

by Sussi Louise Smith.

April 4th - June 1st, 2022, meet the artist on Monday 11th at 4 pm for storytelling and introduction to the paintings.

In April 2022 Ilkley Library welcomes Danish artist and author Sussi Louise with her exhibition 'Seachanger - Wave Weaver'. The title is taken from her latest book of poems. Like the book, the exhibition is a marriage of words and pictures, some from her published poetry, others entirely new. It is inspired by Ilkley’s surrounding nature and the sea pounding inside her. 

Most of the paintings and poems were sketched while Sussi ‘safe-distance-walked’ the moors and straggled along the River Wharfe. These creative endeavours are an expression of Sussi’s ever-growing affection for her found home here in England. As she says: ‘To me, Ilkley has a unique vibe, a geographical calm which I find immensely inspiring. And Yorkshire people are just the best. What you see is what you get, I love that’ 

But as its title suggests, the exhibition is not just about land and life in and around Ilkley. It is also about the sea and the sights, sounds and smells of the oceans that surround any land. It is a fusion of themes that lock the land with the sea. As the award-winning author Carmen Marcus says of Sussi’s fusion:

 'The sea in this collection is no passive soma to life's challenges, it surges, submerges, rocks and grinds the soul just as it does with stones, remaking it smoother, stronger. You will emerge from this body of words changed, joyful, remade.’

Sussi is well known for her Scandi-noir humour, commitment to breast-cancer awareness, and straight-talking water-loving ways. She is also a proud ambassador of the research charity ‘Blue Mind’ and shares its dedication to promoting the healing powers of water in any setting. Her work integrates her love of the sea into art and writing. She paints in her trademark colourful naïvistic style and reviewers of her writing praise it for being fearless and to the point. As one critic observes: ‘Sussi is a true weaver of word magic, the kind that takes up space under your breastbone and reveals the wonder of the world around you.’. Her creativity reflects this theme: it is a synesthetic endeavour, and expression of her multi-sensory perception of the world, where colours and sounds (and sometimes smells) are experienced as words and shapes.

All Sussi’s art, whether in words or pictures, can be accessed using the hashtag #SussisHappyArtProject. Sussi exhibits across Denmark & Britain, and she uses this platform to create more awareness about the profound impact of art on quality of life and healing. And as she says: ‘There is always hope. And chocolate. Just a bit. Not enough for the sugar-police to track you down.’

We are very pleased to have Sussi Louise share her new work with us here in Ilkley Library.  



Sussi-Louise is Danish-born and bred. Her early life was spent close to and on the blue waters of the seas around the island of Sjælland. She now resides in Wharfedale and combines her enduring love of the ocean with the calm, tranquillity and rugged beauty of Yorkshire’s Dales and rivers. A career in Danish academia overlaps her work as a creative artist and writer, especially of poetry. Exhibitions of her work take place on both sides of the North Sea. Sussi’s arts express a unique fusion and imagery of the land and the surrounding seas, in words, pictures, emotions and people. The Danes love their salt and Sussi is a self-confessed salty-liquorice monster. The stuff is hard to come by, but luckily the community of Danes in the area help each other out. 

Instagram: Sussi.Louise

Twitter: SmithySuzy

Blog: www.livsmalerier.blogspot.dk

fredag den 18. marts 2022

Wave Walker



First I wrote the sea, the blues in me

Then I wrote the longing, the dreams, my love. 

Wrote them in acrylic and inks

Aquamarine, whites and indigo

Then wrote in words. Seven words

Just seven in a whole hour

And I was happier than I've been for ages.

"Wave Walker, 

Licking horizons with every step"

Thank you all you wonderful humans who show up every morning at the #londonwritershour who write hundreds, sometimes thousands of words. Who stare, sometimes the whole hour, out of the window, or write your morning pages. Thank you for being there. Has made a massive difference. Thank you for that. In a world of so many wars and so much illness and suffering, hours like these are precious. 

To me, they are

I hope they are for you too.

I am happy with seven words and at least seven blues. #bluemind happy. Which is the BEST kind

Ok, wait...

Top three at least

Being in love with someone who's in love with you is a mountain climber of a happy


Sex, Coffee, Chocolate and Salty Liquorice. Although, they can all be done by the sea. So, I guess ....


Point is


#happy @brenebrown pretty sure blue mind happy is a feeling ❤️♥️👌🏅🥳🥰😍











And #cancersucks but #loverocks

#MPNawareness #leukemia #PolycythemiaVera #breastcancerawareness #cancerawareness

tirsdag den 28. december 2021

Rupture of the human mind


Since that is all I have

No sea-fret breath

no gills no dorsal fins

All I have is this rupture

Recultured draft of stories beyond words


Space between the abyss-like crack ripping open

Ripping time off

Stuck in salty coagulated blood plaster-like ripping 

All the likes 

All the ruptures

Sand dissolving under my feet on beaches I can no longer visit

Water stinking crystal clear into eyes that no longer can see them 

Just feel them

Crisscross cutting wintered skin 

Writings of longing

tirsdag den 30. november 2021

'Seachanger - Wave Weaver' New Book Out Now

 'Seachanger - Wave Weaver' the second book in the Blue trilogy is out on December 1st 2021

I have created another book of poetry and flash fiction. It is as seashaken as the first, but in this, the focus is on the changing. Change of circumstances, perspectives, a debate of how we perceive reality, realities. As ever the healing point of origin, for me, is the salty sea. But not any sea. Sea I can touch. The poem 'Not my sea' gets into the meat of that. 
This is also a book of irreverent flippancy and unapologetic swearing at all things cancer and illness. Not a pity party. More like a KBO fest.

We all weave our tapestries with what we have got. If you can't make it pretty, might as well make it good fun. This weaving of words is coloured by a year of funerals I could not attend, coffee I drank and all the beautiful people who helped us through shielding. Who are still helping us through shielding. A special thanks to Jac the Cat; Mart and Marie who have sent Mr Right magazines of carp fishing and gun maintenance, these are DEFINITELY things of which he knew nothing. Education is bloody important is it not.

So let me educate you... If you are triggered by talk of grave illness, suicide, death, and making sense of all of this using blue language and growing fins, scales and possibly gills. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

However if you like a bit of Scandinavian WTH,  bedazzled with Tjasa Owen Seascape painting magic... buy it. Read it, write to me, call me, just don't turn up at my house, that would be weird, dude.

£ 11 
It can be bought from https://www.grovebookshop.com/events/ and https://bookcornershop.co.uk/homepage/events/

You can also attend the launches via ZOOM

Tjasa Owen   www.tjasaowen.com