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torsdag den 28. oktober 2021

Painting with saltwater


Seascape Painting

Painting the sea

So, I can smell the salt

Hold the rough waves to heart

It's right here

In my hands

A brushstroke dance,

across paper and pulse

I am

the sea

Trapped by dales

And low-level river lulls

Breaking free impossible

This chronicle inaudible


So, I paint the sea

To smell the salty air

Hold the rough waves to heart

Ripples fluidly connected

Pigments intertwined


only by deepfelt memories

I know are almost here


I'm not done

A brushstroke more

A dance before

the new moon calms

this longing


 I keep painting the sea

with the sea

Bottles filled while paddling,

holy saltwater

When I run out, and the need, the urge,

 is breath-swallowingly desperate

I sprinkle.

Little flakes of dried island waters

and watch them dissolve

New book of Salty Poetry out Dec 2021

mandag den 16. august 2021

lørdag den 10. juli 2021

torsdag den 1. april 2021

The Humans Who Inspire Me: Tjasa Owen

An American seascape painter who continuously inspire me by playing with my colours
ok, not MY colours, but the colours that vibrationally signify my true self
Maybe yours too?

Anyways, I do not know how, but in a previous life I think Tjasa might have been my favourite muse, an angel in disguise, possibly a mermaid sister
I feel seen when I look at her paintings.
It is a really beautiful thing, feeling seen.
Invisibility was always a theme of mine growing up. 
Double-edged sword kindafink
wanting desperately to achieve that perfect level of clear water blend-in-ness
cherishing the ability to disappear
but also hungering, starving to be seen. 
Really seen
As the person I was. 
I had a strong sense of self even as a child
and I knew I was not truly seen.
Loved, but not for who I really was. Does that make sense?

Anyways, what happens sometimes, 
when I see certain constellations of colours, like the ones Tjasa use,  
is that a song forms in my head
a seashanty-like wave of nodes and words kissing my synaesthesia brain
like the painting above did:
'Sea Grit'