I ship worldwide but if you would like to see my artwork in real life, you can find it the Grove Bookshop, Ilkley, the Picture Framer Shop in Knaresborough, on the Railway Station platform and at Michael Cohrt, Lumsås, DK. My home studio is open by appointment only. Contact me via livsmalerier@gmail.com or via direct message on Instagram: sussi.louise

At the moment there is a short waiting list for commissions. Contact for more information

fredag den 6. december 2013

Everyday life paintings

As many of you know I've always had a soft spot for kitchens, living spaces and bathrooms and I paint these micro paintings that will fit into any tiny little space.  I love painting for a specific person or family but I must admit I do enjoy just ... imagining.  Below are a couple of my latest works in progress...

tirsdag den 12. november 2013

Revisited my exhibition.

Please go see it. I crave messages in the guest book. Lægerne i Apotekergården, Bysøstræde 1, 4300 Holbæk. Open between 8-15.30

søndag den 10. november 2013

That's what I call a good idea

The perfect wedding card.  Made by friends specifically for David and me on our special day.
My friends inspire me

tirsdag den 29. oktober 2013

Leif but not as we know it

I am starting to make sketches about Leif little stories and fibs from my childhood

torsdag den 10. oktober 2013

Airedale hospital

The nurses, aids, sisters, doctors and the fantastic tea ladies really make a difference to the patients feeling icky.  Ward 19 is supreme

tirsdag den 1. oktober 2013

Lægerne i apotekergården- This is what it looks like

The exhibition is open in the doctors hours.  9-15 weekdays

46 paintings in all

Everyday life micro-paintings even in the cloakroom :)

October - december exhibition in Holbæk

I prefer small practices when I exhibit my micro paintings.  Today I am getting ready to hang them up. Have a look here :  or at Lægerne i apotekergården, bysøstræde i Holbæk

tirsdag den 24. september 2013