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onsdag den 7. december 2016

Hygge – the Danish Art of Making Happiness Matter in Everyday life

Hygge has become a word of wonder - a weird and wonderful, some would say untranslatable, Danish concept describing the art of being happy.  But what is Hygge really? How does one do Hygge?  Why should the people of Britain take notes about being happy from a small, usually cold and mostly dark, country in Scandinavia? In other words, why has hygge become so popular in the UK? Well maybe you shouldn't?
My take on hygge explores the ins and outs of the phenomenon is based on my research into and experiences with living in Denmark. Over the next monthd I will reflect on the possible rewards as well as challenges one can expect when trying to adopt the Danish Hygge into British life.
So,  what is it? 
Hygge is such a simple thing. Finding joy in everyday life. Cherishing sharing and togetherness. Showing you care by investing your time, not necessarily your money in the people and the home you care for. It's authentic, unpretentious and real. And you can't do it ALL the time. Nobody would get anything done. Simple. And yet, so very very complex to explain. Like beathing. We can say how it sort of works, air in, air out. But if you were to explain exactly how it keeps us alive, how the heart and brain reacts if you don't get enough air. Enough of the right kind of air. Then what? The moment we go all medical autopsy chik ... the magic disappears. It is no longer a marvel, but a series of interconnected actions and reactions that may or may not keep you alive.
It is the same with hygge.
I urge all new Hygge lovers. Please don't kill it by amputating it, dissecting it, oversimplifying it or over-analysing it. Use your heart as the compass. Hygge is about finding something or someone you care about, then care hard. Show it by investing time, emotion and let your self or ego if you like, go. Hygge is not not about you. A hyggelig situation requires you to let go. Not take centre stage. And not be impassive either. It is about engaging, helping each other, not trying too hard. Cut the love down to its bare essentials.
This is where I reckon the English can learn a bit... They are fabulous hosts and hostesses. They serve amazing drinks and three course meals. And it is lovely.  And it makes me happy.  But for the person running the gauntlet in the kitchen, is it Hyggeligt?  I don't think so. And the amount of preparation and time spent alone before guests arrive.... Gosh i hear English friends say all the time "I'm so knackered after doing a dinner,  I swear next time we'll just go out".  I love dinner parties. But they're a gauntlet and a marathon rolled up and topped with drinks and a ton of dishes.  It's great, but in Denmark it wouldn't constitute Hygge. A great time,  a happy time,  but not Hygge. Hygge is informal, relaxed, a joint effort, simpler good, more booze :) 
This talk I do when asked, tries to maintain the fantasy and the magical moments that hygge can bring, and it argues that it's not just about (breathing) hygge - it is about HOW we hygger. We need the right kind (of air and hygge) to live and not just survive.

Where there's is hygge there is always happiness, but when you are happy it doesn't necessarily mean you are hygging!
I try to bring the joy, colour and calm Hygge into all my art... and the fun.

For me, Hygge has always had that perfect mix of not being afraid of being a bit ridiculous and the complete trust that if you are, the people around you still love you. Fun is a key ingredient in that show. And if I were a real Dane, Snaps, lots of it. Or, well any kind of hooch. I'm more of a coffee and Champagne girl. Not together, obviously, nobody messes with my coffee.

Dad was one of the most involuntarily funny people ever.
I miss him. He passed away March 30th 2016 but on the 27th he left Mr Right a fantastic and so funny voicemail. I shall treasure that forever.

As keen followers know, I have a little thing about Raindeers and what I call my Rudofo Character. My lovely English friends went all out for my birthday on winter Solstice and bought me my very own. Obviously he had to be at the head of the table. Megahyggeligt
For me personally, one of the most hyggelige things I know is reading. It's the perfect way to hygge on one's own but also a great way to spend an afternoon next to a loved one. Just reading and relaxing. And no, the stove doesn't have to be lit. You just have to not be cold. Or hungry.

Rudolfo and I are getting cosy. He's almost as big as I am. Love it.

For some reason Knaresborough station, at the very end, where the picture framer is, is my place of complete calm. Just sitting on the bench, painting, watching the trains go by. It's a real treat

I read a lot when I prepare for lectures or talks. The Almost Nearly Perfect People had me in stitches. So did the My Year of Living Danishly, Signe Johanssons book How to hygge, didn't have e laughing but boy, it did make me want to either, A. move to Norway or B, Adopt her.

I absolutely love nature. The trick to real hygge is to go outside and get really windblown. Use your eyes to trail the horizons and get stuck in to nature, THEN go inside. That's the stuff. Wear yourself out outside, then Hyg inside. Easy peasy and free too

I love the dark nights and lit up train stations

I have recently taken up knitting. What do you think, should I change careers?

Staithes. I am serious. Yorkshire is literally God's own country. So beautiful. Everywhere I go I see scenes I need to paint. The colours are fabulous, the light unique and the villages and towns are like time warps . . . making friends in Yorkshire can be tricky, but if you pay attention and make an effort. You have the most funny friends EVER.

søndag den 20. november 2016

Yule Hygge in Knaresborough - come say hi and see my happy Christmas presents

This is the second year I am participating in the Knaresborough Christmas Fun.

On Friday 25th Nov, the lights will be switched on in the square, then the arts and crafts faire starts in the Fabulous Old Ticket Office Cafe on the station platform.

I have made a bunch of paintings and stones with local themes but I have also made sure Santa and the North Pole are represented in the shape of Nisser and Rudolfos

I have made new hand painted cards and gift tags, even a few notebooks *S*

I shall bring the HYGGE you bring your smiles, and remember I looove the local Yorkshire Dialects but if I look a bit daft, it's because I haven't quite reached full professional proficiency yet. I have in Danish Hygge though ... I'm fairly fluent in that.

Come say hej!!

fredag den 11. november 2016

Let's talk about Hygge

I cannot believe the hygge avalanche I have seen increasing in speed over the last couple of months. As a Dane hygge is a core part of how I qualify and quantify my life quality. Have I had a hyggelig day; was the dinner hyggelig; do I have the warm comforting feel of hygge hygge or the stress and annoyance of pretend hygge?

Hygge, you see, for me, and most Danes I suspect, is a lifestyle. A traditional unspoken culture. Varied according to context and participants, but nothing short of a vital Key Performance Indicator of life quality and happiness. But like most imbedded culture traits, we rarely philosophise about it. We talk about hygge, we DO hygge, but we don't often critique Hygge.

Looking at the debate and mania here in England, one might consider that dissecting hygge, just might kill it off rather than invigorate it.

You see, as a skabshyggist (closet hyggeist) I truly believe that the beauty of it is that it is simple. Fundamental, It's a feeling and a form of life at the same time.

So the whole idea of "lets buy some hygge", which usually means nipping off to IKEA and getting some candles, and a throw, it's a start. But it's .... just not right.

When it comes to homely hygge the Brits have got it down to a T. Ok well, some do. A lot do... Betty's Tearooms have for sure. It's the mind-set that is missing, the commitment and the willingness to go without, rather than strive for more. Those things are perhaps part of what's different and honestly, the English can blame their fabulous work ethic for a lot of that. Nobody in Europe works harder or longer hours with more commute time than the English. By the time they're off work and home, no wonder a trip to the pub is more realistic than inviting the tribe over for some experimental leftover social cook fest.

Anyways. I'll stop for now. More to come. Follow me on Instagram Danish.girl.in.yorkshire or Sussi.louise

For now I leave you with a few key ingredients for a smashing hyggejul... Nisser og Rudolfos

onsdag den 9. november 2016

Happy Christmas og hygge i Galleri Livsmaleri

Hygge is such a beautiful feeling. It's the feeling of absolute trust, togetherness and calm. It's woolly sweaters, woodburners, homemade bread and candles. And NOT the stupid scented ones, I don't know a single Danish household that uses scented candles. Hygge is about authenticity, it's real, not artificial. Also Hygge is about personal relationships. Friends, family, dogs, cats, plants. And personal means walking the fine line between socially inclusive activities and socially excluding activities. And the best 3 ways to get cosy with a Dane are
A. Bring homemade food,
B. Stock up on snaps (firewater, hooch, pure alcohol ;)) and
C: buy them personal presents.

So this year I am flat out making #nisser and #rudolfos personalised with the names of the people in the family (hanging off the antlers or on tags on the presents)

Because what is Hygge without a Rudolfo stone?
Personal Rudolfos start at 12£
Personal story stones start at 25£
All gift-wrapped and blessed with the sparkles of my love for Art
Gift vouchers for stones and paintings available too. You can catch me on livsmalerier@gmail.com or on instagram: Sussi.louise
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lørdag den 20. august 2016

The Art Shop in Ilkley UK has a multi artist exhibition in August and September 2016

En god håndfuld lokale kunstnere i Ilkley er blevet valgt til at udstille fem billeder.  Jeg er en af dem,  og det er jeg rigtig glad for.

Her er et billede af fire af mine små malerier. De ser så tiny ud ved siden af de kæmpe...  Men de bruger farve og glæde så det er jo præcis hvad jeg ønskede mig med mit #sussishappyartproject

Monday to Saturday 9 - 17 drop by and ask to see my work :) 💓 💗 💕

mandag den 11. juli 2016

Ilkley Moor bar tat

Painting local scenery is a big thing in Yorkshire I've been told.  Problem is,  I can't help 'Sussifying'  the paintings.  I have been taught well,  I can do realistic sceneries and classical pictures... But for me,  naïvism brings a lovely.... Umiddelbarhed and positivity, and hope to the world.  That's why I choose to paint in a carefree, naïve and colourful way.