I ship worldwide but if you would like to see my artwork in real life, you can find it the Grove Bookshop, Ilkley, the Picture Framer Shop in Knaresborough, on the Railway Station platform and at Michael Cohrt, Lumsås, DK. My home studio is open by appointment only. Contact me via livsmalerier@gmail.com or via direct message on Instagram: sussi.louise

At the moment there is a short waiting list for commissions. Contact for more information

onsdag den 16. december 2015

Micro painting bathroom art :-)

Just had these two beauties back from the picture framer's, as always he has done SO well

This one is 3x3 cms plus frame:-) (235kr/23.5£ Including gift wrap but + delivery)

This one is 5x5 cms plus mount and frame. It is an amazing memory for me. Bathing the children when they were small; looking out of the window with the wide horizon and City life only a fraction of the image. Seems like yesterday. Happy times.

onsdag den 9. december 2015

Mini stone selection at Michael the Picture Framer on Knaresborough railway station.

Michael the picture framer has taken a shine to my stones and paintings :-) He has now got about 15 stones to add a splash of colour to his little studio.

He also has four paintings of local scenery and two meditative baths paintings ...  And as you can see he is a PHENOMINAL picture framer

He is open Tuesday-Friday 9-17 and Saturday 9-14 ... He says that everybody is welcome to drop in and have a look :-)

fredag den 4. december 2015

Stoneart Christmas

I do love this stoned nativity scene - It is made from stones from the River Wharfe and Painted with love and faith. The best story ever


 This spring we went to the White Cliffs of DOver and from there on to Denmark. I found this stone on the road there, just waiting to be painted on. PS seriously, the cliffs are golden close up. Just say'in

Ilkley is one of the prettiest towns in the Yorkshire Dales. We have a view up on the Cow and Calf Cliff formation from our garden and is is magnificent - it changes colour with the weather. 

I have one more Cow and Calf stone, and two from Knaresborough