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fredag den 23. maj 2014

onsdag den 14. maj 2014

A home in three mini paintings

Three small paintings in one frame. 5x5 cms
living room, children's room, kitchen

tirsdag den 13. maj 2014

Love is all we need

Over the last few years I've been commisioned to paint 'Love stories' - I really truly enjoy those.
In truth - every story where people love eachother is a love story whether romantically or friendships or family relations.

Here you can see a few examples

This is called waiting for miracles and is actually about a lovely couple of guys waiting to find a way to become dads *S* 

This Painting (currently hanging at my exhibition in Kirkestræde) is one of my all time favourites. a great story of travels and dreams, mooses ans wine, balloon trips and dingys.

søndag den 11. maj 2014

Revised I wish I were an island?!?

Early morning reflections - ten to six it was so OK not super early by Sussi standards but all the same.
Every life is a life worth mentioning but it has dawned on me these last weeks - that we human are, well, really reserved. There's a saying that no man's an island. But I wonder. When life is hard and really painful things happen to people we know - a lot of people shun, they keep their distance. They just don't know what to say - or they really don't care... I dunno. Reversely when really bad things happen a fairly common reaction for the person involved is to withdraw from the world.

So maybe - man either gets put on the flipping island or he choses to seek it out himself to avoid the company of (fools) people?! I know I do.

Either way - sadness, pain and loss - even the potential of it, can be very devastating and scary. I'm living with two very ill people in my life plus an array of other human conditions (my autistic son is a great one for 'entertainment') and last week I learned that several colleagues of mine have had their children diagnosed with cancer or have had their loved ones leave them and I HURT for them, I feel so upset, I wish I could make it all better for them...and for me and for the people we all care for.

This painting - sorry about the resolution - I painted when my mum almost died about a year ago. Cancer is a B...H by the by. the melody coming from the piano is my all time favourite Mozart's Requiem. It is the most beautiful celebration of lives lived and mourning felt. The woman as you can see is leaving footsteps going forward not backward. It is NOT meant as determinism - she is not following a path laid out or even somebody else's she is walking where she wants to - with a sense of direction. Her sense. Mum cheated death and even if the life now is difficult. her life is a beautiful journey continued HER WAY.

One way I try to help people is by sharing my happy therapy. My colourful paintings. I had the pleasure of the advice from a student a few years ago who had taken a year out to care for her mum, and she called the last year 'happy Therapy'. doing the things we can that we love. Watching the favourite TV programmes. reading and re-reading the best books (if we can read), look at art. And I thought to myself. that's what I've been doing for the last 20 years. Bringing colour into situations that were grim painting posters for charities, children's dentist's and sick people. SO ... everyday life situations - with a twist

Last week I put up an exhibition in a doctors practice in Holbæk DK about 60 paintings, mostly mini and small watercolours bright and adventurous colour in our lives it heals us I'm sure

Go and have a look
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