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fredag den 11. november 2016

Let's talk about Hygge

I cannot believe the hygge avalanche I have seen increasing in speed over the last couple of months. As a Dane hygge is a core part of how I qualify and quantify my life quality. Have I had a hyggelig day; was the dinner hyggelig; do I have the warm comforting feel of hygge hygge or the stress and annoyance of pretend hygge?

Hygge, you see, for me, and most Danes I suspect, is a lifestyle. A traditional unspoken culture. Varied according to context and participants, but nothing short of a vital Key Performance Indicator of life quality and happiness. But like most imbedded culture traits, we rarely philosophise about it. We talk about hygge, we DO hygge, but we don't often critique Hygge.

Looking at the debate and mania here in England, one might consider that dissecting hygge, just might kill it off rather than invigorate it.

You see, as a skabshyggist (closet hyggeist) I truly believe that the beauty of it is that it is simple. Fundamental, It's a feeling and a form of life at the same time.

So the whole idea of "lets buy some hygge", which usually means nipping off to IKEA and getting some candles, and a throw, it's a start. But it's .... just not right.

When it comes to homely hygge the Brits have got it down to a T. Ok well, some do. A lot do... Betty's Tearooms have for sure. It's the mind-set that is missing, the commitment and the willingness to go without, rather than strive for more. Those things are perhaps part of what's different and honestly, the English can blame their fabulous work ethic for a lot of that. Nobody in Europe works harder or longer hours with more commute time than the English. By the time they're off work and home, no wonder a trip to the pub is more realistic than inviting the tribe over for some experimental leftover social cook fest.

Anyways. I'll stop for now. More to come. Follow me on Instagram Danish.girl.in.yorkshire or Sussi.louise

For now I leave you with a few key ingredients for a smashing hyggejul... Nisser og Rudolfos

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