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tirsdag den 28. december 2021

Rupture of the human mind


Since that is all I have

No sea-fret breath

no gills no dorsal fins

All I have is this rupture

Recultured draft of stories beyond words


Space between the abyss-like crack ripping open

Ripping time off

Stuck in salty coagulated blood plaster like ripping 

All the likes 

All the ruptures

Sand dissolving under my feet on beaches I can no longer visit

Water stinking crystal clear into eyes that no longer can see them 

Just feel them

Crisscross cutting wintered skin 

Writings of longing

tirsdag den 30. november 2021

'Seachanger - Wave Weaver' New Book Out Now

 'Seachanger - Wave Weaver' the second book in the Blue trilogy is out on December 1st 2021

I have created another book of poetry and flash fiction. It is as seashaken as the first, but in this, the focus is on the changing. Change of circumstances, perspectives, a debate of how we perceive reality, realities. As ever the healing point of origin, for me, is the salty sea. But not any sea. Sea I can touch. The poem 'Not my sea' gets into the meat of that. 
This is also a book of irreverent flippancy and unapologetic swearing at all things cancer and illness. Not a pity party. More like a KBO fest.

We all weave our tapestries with what we have got. If you can't make it pretty, might as well make it good fun. This weaving of words is coloured by a year of funerals I could not attend, coffee I drank and all the beautiful people who helped us through shielding. Who are still helping us through shielding. A special thanks to Jac the Cat; Mart and Marie who have sent Mr Right magazines of carp fishing and gun maintenance, these are DEFINITELY things of which he knew nothing. Education is bloody important is it not.

So let me educate you... If you are triggered by talk of grave illness, suicide, death, and making sense of all of this using blue language and growing fins, scales and possibly gills. THIS IS NOT FOR YOU.

However if you like a bit of Scandinavian WTH,  bedazzled with Tjasa Owen Seascape painting magic... buy it. Read it, write to me, call me, just don't turn up at my house, that would be weird, dude.

£ 11 
It can be bought from https://www.grovebookshop.com/events/ and https://bookcornershop.co.uk/homepage/events/

You can also attend the launches via ZOOM

Tjasa Owen   www.tjasaowen.com

torsdag den 28. oktober 2021

Painting with saltwater


Seascape Painting

Painting the sea

So, I can smell the salt

Hold the rough waves to heart

It's right here

In my hands

A brushstroke dance,

across paper and pulse

I am

the sea

Trapped by dales

And low-level river lulls

Breaking free impossible

This chronicle inaudible


So, I paint the sea

To smell the salty air

Hold the rough waves to heart

Ripples fluidly connected

Pigments intertwined


only by deepfelt memories

I know are almost here


I'm not done

A brushstroke more

A dance before

the new moon calms

this longing


 I keep painting the sea

with the sea

Bottles filled while paddling,

holy saltwater

When I run out, and the need, the urge,

 is breath-swallowingly desperate

I sprinkle.

Little flakes of dried island waters

and watch them dissolve

New book of Salty Poetry out Dec 2021

mandag den 16. august 2021

lørdag den 10. juli 2021