I ship worldwide but if you would like to see my artwork in real life, you can find it the Grove Bookshop, Ilkley, the Picture Framer Shop in Knaresborough, on the Railway Station platform and at Michael Cohrt, Lumsås, DK. My home studio is open by appointment only. Contact me via livsmalerier@gmail.com or via direct message on Instagram: sussi.louise

At the moment there is a short waiting list for commissions. Contact for more information

onsdag den 29. juni 2016

This is the true Yorkshire - it makes the colours POP!

After three days of solid rain - don't worry, that is nothing - my personal counting-rain-record is 14 weeks and 4 days of rain EVERY day.

the great thing about it is that it makes my stone art look absolutely fabulous. rain plus coloured stones equals sparkle I think!

fredag den 24. juni 2016

Happy art project goes naturel.

Even I can't ignore the beautiful countryside and scenery and not least the sun in Yorkshire these days.  I am painting outside and fighting on.  I promise, I only paint on stuff I am allowed to! 💓 💗

  The waterlilies are amazing  Most of them are pink, but one is cream. They are also hardy things, can carry a whole town *S*

Below is a series of stones for three sisters *S* I love doing life history stones, and doing three for the same family is an amazing privilege

torsdag den 9. juni 2016

Sunny Yorkshire ...what's happening :) getting my cricket on ... I think.

Working on a few commissions these days. Cricket,  meditation stones and three life story stones.  And the sun is out.  Amazed  

so are the waterlily 's 

fredag den 3. juni 2016

Celebration on June 5th 1-4pm on Knaresborough station

Dear all

In celebration of the queen's 90th birthday there's an event  on Knaresborough station on June 5th. 

It will be a great day. It is the Danish constitution day and would have been my parent's 58th wedding anniversary. 

Come and see me. I will be showing off my new stones,  collected by the beach near where they live and in the river bend down the road on the banks of the River Wharfe.  I will also be painting lovebird cards on site,  donating the proceeds to Cancer Research.

Below is a short stone history taking place by the Cow and Calf cliff formation,  Ilkley Moor 

Mini-people for the #happyartproject 


Below a Scarborough stone, from the other side,  not the busy one. :)