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mandag den 11. april 2016

Happy art project and Cancer awareness

Dear everybody

As many of you know I set myself a challenge for the 40 days of Lent to raise cancer awareness and reach all continents with my happy art project... I wanted to put a smile on the faces of people affected by cancer, I think I managed that somewhat.

The reason I haven't been timely in giving feedback to you all about how it all went, is that during those 40 days, both my parents ended up in hospital and later hospices. My mother is still with us, she's a tough cookie, but alas, my beloved father had to give in and get his wings. Prostate cancer is not a nice thing, neither is getting old and sick. But we have to soldier on. He would have wanted that. He always supported my art 100% and was the most positive person I know. He was so SO proud of me for doing my cancer awareness challenge.

Unfortunately, I didn't quite succeed. I never managed to get a like from Antarctica :-(
But more than 2000 times people liked or shared my art in the period via Facebook, Instagram and here, on Blogspot. Here you can see some of my Happy Art Project Artworks:

I made a ton of Lovebird cards and lovebird stones and in total I raised
1560kr to breast cancer research DK
And to North West Cancer Research
70.50£ so far, I still have a few cards to sell.

So Thank you all - for helping me