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mandag den 9. januar 2017

Why Happiness is simple for One, You, Dig, Dem, Man whatever

Well, not simple as in 'WHY don't you just do it then?' But as in... a change of focus; from what one doesn't have to what one does have and what one would love to achieve. For instance using the personal pronoun ONE less. It's difficult though. In Danish we have three words that are used for English you. Du, man og dem. And sometimes I feel that if I said: "From what you don't have to what you do have." that that sounds really bad. And rude. Even for a Dane, and that's saying something.

POINT IS happiness, like love, is at its best when it's not complicated, fraught or difficult. Cutting back to basics is a good way to go. Enjoying the small everyday life things, taking your  (one's, Ens) time to make a great cup of tea, ironing while doing the boogie to Stevie Wonder, whatever brings joy. For most people, when they think about it they know what those things are. Music, good food, good company, a ray of sunlight.

This is part of why I think the Hygge concept has caught on in the UK so much. Hygge is a celebration of the little things. Not trying so hard. Good honest, authentic care, love and attention. Not being on the smartphone all the time, sharing the talking time, reading a book, having a bath, digging in the garden with a headlamp on - oops, that might just be me. But you know what I mean right.

My art is part of me and even when I am low, nothing cheers me up like colours and (coffee) (cake) (chocolate) music

And a good walk by the sea

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