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lørdag den 8. februar 2014

Whatever is the point

People ask me why I focus on the little things when there are so many huge problems in the world.
My answer is simple... The most powerful feeling in the world is HOPE even when the world seems to fall apart and there appears to be no way forward, we still for no apparent reason and with a minimum of encouragement, hope. A snowdrop peaking through the snow, the favourite teacup, the silly necklace the children made in preschool. A sunset burning purple on a fiery sky, the sudden smell of pancakes as you walk past a cafe in an unfamiliar place.
Hope is the little thing that makes the big things happen.
That's why, when people lose hope - they lose the faith in the future. For that moment. And sometimes all it takes is your favourite colour, a happy memory, the sight of something happy...
I paint happy pictures because the world is nasty. "I think they call it life" my grandmother used to say. She was right.
The last almost 20 years I have given support to sick people, nursed critically ill family members and coached human beings afraid to teach... And what I've learned is that the power of colours and memories can heal the soul and egnite hope where it's been lost.
So when I paint everydaylife it's because that's where it starts.
I paint for smiles.
Happiness therapy. And I exhibit my interpretations where they are needed. Dentist practices, doctor's, hospitals, hospices schools, old people's homes. Places that are in need of a good story wrapped up in happy colours.
So there....