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søndag den 23. februar 2014

Creative work is a good way to get the best quality of life

Especially if it's painting.  I am working on a painting for a sweet and super strong lady in Denmark but in between I get ideas for other stories.  This is a work in progress and a story about a couple of children WHO live in a lighthouse and are looking for their parents.
There is not a direct link between the painting and my personal life but on a higher level - or deeper - a connection maybe.  As some of you know my beloved mother is gravely ill with cancer and part of my painting is about supporting her - using happiness therapy and colours.  Mum is the most creative and productive person I know.  She is a fantastic painter,  weaver, potterer if that's a word, knitter, felter you name it.  Or she was until she got ill. Now painting for her (and with her in my heart) is a source of great help and therapy - for us both I think. She has taught me so much  - so much.
She always supported me in being myself.  No more no less. I didn't have to live up to my siblings' great careers or anything as long as I do the best I possibly can in whatever I choose she is there.  When I got very ill almost 19 years ago and had to rethink my plans for the future - my ambitions in life - she said: Sussi, I think they call it life - grap it.
I chose to focus primarily on my family and my health.  Developing my own style of painting by taking courses and of course practicing. A lot.  Doing charity work and later on specialising in my academic field (of education and psychology and teaching in creative ways).
Little did I know that I would later have to nurse ill family members and that painting would be instrumental in that.
But there you are.